2016 was a year of great change for this organization. We rebranded, changed our name, and relocated our headquarters to Wilmington, DE. As we look to 2017, and the growth of our impact, we needed to ask one question - Why Strive?

Please consider making a gift to ensure that Strive's growth continues in 2017; to ensure that our future leaders continue to learn to make great efforts on the fields and courts, in the classrooms, and in their communities. 

An investment in character-driven leadership is an investment that radiates through schools, communities, and society at large. 

Demand for character-driven leaders in workplaces and communities is greater than ever, and preparing young people to lead well remains a critical gap in our education system. Strive builds these skills in today’s youth, coaches and mentors – and we are particularly committed to reducing the leadership gap in underserved but growing communities across the US. Thank you for joining this important work; we’re excited to have you on the team!

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Strive: How You Lead Matters                                                                   1007 N. Orange St.                                                                                           4th FL, The Mill                                                                                   Wilmington, DE 19801

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