Background — Strive

Strive is a non-profit organization dedicated to character-driven leadership development. With a focus on high school and collegiate athletes and their coaches, Strive sharpens teams’ power and impact by teaching winning leadership and culture-building strategies that extend into life.

Strive offers a research-based, customizable curriculum that begins with self-knowledge, moves into culture creation, and ultimately instills the habit of rigorous leadership practice in its program participants. Through a robust scholarship program, Strive leads the way in developing character leaders in underserved communities. Strive is based in Wilmington, DE, and serves schools and communities across the U.S.


Background — Sports Challenge


Strive_Program_Logo_SportsChallengeTRANSPARENTSports Challenge develops character-driven leaders on and off the field, applying the rigor of sports training to the practice of leadership. We consciously bring together 100 high school student-athletes from all types of schools, regions and backgrounds to play soccer (boys and girls) or basketball (boys and girls) at a competitive level.

This highly demanding, yet nurturing, program offers a unique 1:5 coach-athlete ratio and an individual coach-mentor for each athlete. Sports Challenge takes place over nine days in an idyllic college setting, where student-athletes live, learn and work together, immersed in a growth-mindset culture.


Job Description:

2019 Sports Challenge Girls' Basketball Coach

  1. Serve as a girls basketball coach.
    1. Active participation with the student-athletes during all training sessions, particularly Vitamins.
    2. Completing all responsibilities as outlined by specific sport program Directors.
  2. Serve as a teacher for a leadership or sport psychology class.
    1. Staff will be provided with training, curriculum and feedback.
    2. Providing short class evaluations of student-athletes
  3. Serve as an mentor to student-athletes in the girls basketball program, includes:
    1. Checking-in frequently with your mentees on their stated leadership, sport, and community goals.
    2. Taking notes throughout the program about your mentees.
    3. Writing a comprehensive sport evaluation and letter to your mentees (as outlined by the Directors).
  4. Serve as a “dorm parent” during the days and nights, includes:
    1. Overseeing responsible behavior in the dorms, cafeteria and in any other setting where activities take place.
    2. When on duty, staff cannot leave their dorm (unless in emergency) and are available through the night.
  5. Participate in all coach development sessions and preparation time.
    1. Doing prep work before and during the training to ensure maximum preparation for coaching and classroom teaching.
    2. Assist in cleaning up the facilities at the conclusion of our program.  
  6. Participate in and support program-wide activities, such as:
    1. Leadership and college counseling seminars.
    2. Sports Challenge Games.
    3. Vitamins morning workouts.
    4. Evening Leadership Forum.



We seek to hire individuals who are passionate about leadership and the power of athletics as a source of change and good in a community.

College student-athletes and graduates with careers in athletics, coaching, and teaching are encouraged to apply.


Our Hiring Philosophy

We hire staff who:

  • Believe in working hard and working as a team

  • Believe that leadership skills can be taught

  • View sports as an extraordinary medium for teaching leadership skills as well as other life-lessons

  • Possess experience working with young people

  • Enjoy the company of the kids with whom we work with and one another

  • Have played collegiate athletics
  • Possess a passion for and advanced knowledge of the sport they coach
  • Have held leadership positions on past teams
  • Currently play or coach the sport that they coach with us
  • Believe in self-improvement and continued learning

  • Take their responsibilities seriously without taking themselves too seriously

Our Core Values & Principles

Strive upholds the following core values, and expects all employees to do the same.

  • Know Thyself - By first practicing self-awareness, we prepare ourselves to be the best possible teammates.

  • Fill Tanks - We demonstrate extraordinary passion and unwavering support of teammates.

  • Brush It Off and Grow - We foster a culture in which individuals seek out challenges, view mistakes as opportunities to improve and bounce back from setbacks.

  • Be Fair and Honest - We do the right thing.

  • Choose Laughter - We believe in the value of laughing and having fun. We take our work seriously, but we do not take ourselves too seriously.

  • Stick With It - We expect all who are involved with Strive to put in their best effort, particularly knowing that effort lies within our circle of control.

  • Find the Best in Yourself so that you can Inspire the Best in Others - In all that we undertake we strive for individual and collective greatness.

Work Calendar:

Dates of Contract: Monday, June 24th, 2019 - Friday, July 5th, 2019 

Sports Challenge Staff Training: Monday, June 24th, 2019 - Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Sports Challenge Program Dates: Thursday, June 27th, 2019 - Friday, July 5th, 2019

**During Sports Challenge Staff Training & Program, you will be expected to stay on campus at Haverford College and work weekends.


How to Apply & Other Specifics:

Send resume, cover letter and a reference (we request a character reference from a coach, professor or job supervisor -- please include their name, relationship, phone number and email) to krista@striveleadership.org no later than April 7th, 2019.  This position will be filled on a rolling basis and may be filled before this deadline. An offer to interview will be extended to qualified candidates.

Your housing and meals will be covered on-site.

Staff will be required to obtain the following prior to Sports Challenge staff training: Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance and Fingerprint Based Federal Criminal History Check.





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