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What We Do

At Strive we believe that how you lead matters, and we’re dedicated to spreading the power of character-driven leadership. We partner with young people and adults across the United States — in schools, athletic leagues and community organizations — to develop character leaders and build unique, conscious cultures. Our fundraising enables us to bring our leadership-development work to underserved communities.
In our programs we apply the rigor and grind of athletics to the development of the individual — digging deep and working hard, laughing often, refining the craft of our games, and uncovering new potential in each participant. We offer a research-based, customizable curriculum that begins with self-knowledge, moves into culture creation and ultimately instills the habit of rigorous leadership practice.

The Strive Values

What We Stand For...

Know thyself.
Know thyself is central to Strive’s philosophy; we practice what we preach.
Fill tanks.
We believe you grow leaders by building them up through an empowering, connected culture.
Brush it off and grow.
Taking a risk and failing is an amazing way to learn. We brush it off, get a little wiser, build resilience, and keep moving forward.
Be fair and honest.
Integrity is expected.
Choose Laughter.
Humor is an important part of Strive’s culture. We choose to take ourselves lightly, which allows others to do the same.
Stick with it.
This is hard work – whether you are committed to the lifelong practice of being a character-driven leader or committed to helping Strive grow to the next level. The Strive team is all in.
Find the best in yourself so you can inspire the best in those around you.
This value comes from Kevin Morgan, Strive’s founder. When we live by these values and better ourselves, the effect is contagious. A rising tide lifts all boats and we send our participants, as well as ourselves, into the world leading by example.

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