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Most of what you read about leadership pertains to the workplace, but the underlying competencies of a great leader in the office are very closely aligned with those required to lead a successful team on the field.

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Leaders today must be able to lead an organization, lead others, and lead themselves. A great coach or team leader will posses (or work hard towards) the following critical competencies:

  1. A clear vision for the organization
  2. Ability to manage and implement change
  3. A view of people as people, rather than workers
  4. Excellent human capital management
  5. Excellent self-management
  6. Excellent conflict management
  7. Resilience
  8. Ability to manage technology
  9. Clear communication skills
  10. A customer-centric view – for a sports team, this could mean supporters (they want to see their favorite team win) or the organization/school/university being represented by the team

Great coaches know that a winning team starts with a solid team culture and development of character-driven leaders. Learn more about how you can create the tools you need to lead your team to success in Strive’s Coaches’ Institute:

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