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Below are three ways that periodic self-reflection can strengthen your leadership skills:

  1. Know Your Priorities—and Where You Fall Short. Leaders and managers must prioritize tasks and allocate resources. “But how can you possibly prioritize or allocate if you haven’t figured out what really matters?” Kraemer asks. Perhaps figuring out what matters most is what matters most.
  2. Minimize Surprise. Surprises throw us off course, slowing down our productivity and increasing anxiety. Once you reflect and understand your priorities, you are better able to prepare.
  3. Build Stronger Teams. The effects of self-reflection go beyond the self. Kraemer points out: “If I don’t know myself, is it possible for me to lead myself? I doubt that. If I can’t lead myself, how could I possibly lead other people?”  Research shows that effective leaders model the behaviors they value.   “Strong leaders,” he says. “Not only practice self-reflection themselves, they also encourage their teams to do so.”

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