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“Elite athletes are goal-setting machines, and the habit of continual goal setting is a primary reason they climb the ladder to the elite level.”

Read the full original article from Human Kinetics.

Although this article from Human Kinetics is targeted towards swimmers, the takeaway is the same – goal setting means having a point or purpose that you are trying to accomplish in everything you do.

Purposes of Goals

  • Give focus
  • Make decisions easier
  • Generate self-respect and respect for others
  • Provide a method of evaluation
  • Help maintain a good attitude
  • Put overwhelming possibilities into perspective

What is the coach’s role in goal setting? 

While the goals must ultimately belong to the athletes, coaches can:

  1. Know the athletes’ capabilities and contribute to realistic goal setting
  2. Understand normal progress through expertise with the sport
  3. Have objective perspective on the different levels of achievement
  4. Help attain goals by providing direction and encouragement along the way

Coaches, athletes, athletic directors, and even those not involved in athletics can benefit from goal setting,
as it is a key ingredient in the development of grit.

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