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Letter from our Leaders – Year in Review 2022

Dear Strive Family,


The end of the year provides us with an opportunity to look back on all that was accomplished and set our visions for what is to come. In 2022 we have been inspired by the endeavors of our entire Strive family. The schools, athletic programs, and community organizations we work with took time to listen to the needs of our communities as we came out of the pandemic. Throughout this past year, it was clear that social and emotional skills such as grit, empathy, and communication would be key to healing and moving forward. In 2022 Strive’s leadership development programming continued to be as relevant as it was when our original curriculum was launched at Sports Challenge in 1996.


Your support allowed us to make significant progress towards our goals by partnering with over 40 schools, athletic programs, and community organizations both in Delaware and nationally, totaling almost 800 hours of direct service, and providing 81% of that programming at a subsidized or completely free rate. We launched our new website, meeting our goal of creating a more user-friendly space for our Strive family. In 2022 we were able to nurture our base and strengthen our long-time partners like The Teen Warehouse and Haverford College, demonstrating the longevity of Strive content. We also built new partnerships with organizations such as the Jr. NBA, advancing our mission of spreading the power of character-driven leadership.  


Looking into 2023 we are motivated to continue this momentum by re-energizing our foundational programming and launching new initiatives to expand our reach. We will roll out the first eLearning Strive experience with our recently developed Strive Five curriculum, which will make our character-driven leadership experiences more personalized and accessible than ever. We will continue to support our partners as they respond to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic while prioritizing staff well-being and whole-person development. And lastly, after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, we will bring back a reimagined Sports Challenge this summer. Our goal is to maintain the same energy, passion, and commitment to character-driven leadership that unified youth across the country 26 years ago.


On behalf of the Strive staff and our Board of Directors, thank you for your continued support.


Caroline Letner

Interim Executive Director


Thomas Arenberg

Chair, Strive Board of Directors

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