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his must-read blog by James Leath, Head of Leadership at IMG Academy in Brandenton, FL, goes into detail about the “intangibles” that recruiters look for in a future college athlete. Leath discusses why it takes great character, and not just great talent, to make it to a college roster.

Read the full original article from James Leath.

“The recruiter is not there to see you tackle, throw, bump, spike, pitch, catch, hit, shoot, or pass for the thousandth time. He already knows your stats. He has already watched your highlight film and read all the press clippings. He has likely seen you play. What he is looking for are called intangibles, the things that cannot be easily measured, but make all the difference.” What are the most common questions to which recruiters are seeking answers?

  1. What are you doing when you think no one is watching?
  2. Are you one thing in person, and another person online?
  3. Who are your biggest influencers?
  4. Are you a great teammate?
  5. Do you make a good first impression?
  6. Do you “sweep the shed?”
  7. Do you show a sense of gratitude?

These are all important measures of character that student-athletes need to develop in order to make the cut in college. Talent alone does not contribute to a winning culture.

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