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Intentional Culture Creation is at the root of what we do at Strive. In the article: “In College Basketball, Taking a Seat Means Not Just Any Seat,” Zach Schonbrun addresses how even the bench, a place athletes don’t want to find themselves, “can play an important role in player development.”

Coaches, players, and teams all seem to have a system, by design or default, where they sit on the bench. This article highlights that coaches and teams are often creatures of habit and routine, making the bench the perfect place to be intentional.

The questions we pose to coaches are: What are the habits or routines YOU are creating? Is it the one you want? Does that decision reflect one of your team’s core values?

Aligning what matters most to your bench system or routine, is a strong statement of what you stand for. Rituals and routines that reflect your core values only strengthen your team on and off the court or field.  Let your players know your “why?”… Tie it back to intentional culture building.

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