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Count on Us – The Heart of Strive’s Communication

In today’s society, communication is vital. Good communication is essential for solid relationships when talking to families, friends, or neighbors. In the same way, strong communication is essential for successful schools and athletic teams. At Strive, we understand the importance of communication and work hard to create a culture of open dialogue. We believe that when everyone feels heard and understood, everyone thrives. With the launch of our new website, we wanted to share how Strive communicates with you so that you know all the fantastic things going on at Strive. We also want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts.


Be on the lookout for Strive’s Podcast on the third Thursday of every month.  It is packed with essential information on various topics from experts and everyday people. Some topics we cover include motivation, grit, empathy, and communication. At Strives, we pride ourselves on finding the best guests for each topic – including some influential figures in the sports and academic worlds like Larry Meli (president of the Delaware Blue Coats) and John Sumoski (Franklin & Marshall University Women’s Soccer coach). Plus, our very own staff research and contribute to keeping Strive one step ahead.  Be sure to mark your calendars or follow us on Instagram, so you never miss an episode!

The Coaches Corner is emailed on the last Thursday of every month. The Coaches Corner is jam-packed with hot topics and builds on previous podcast discussions. However, it was designed with coaches in mind. We dig deeper into how perseverance and culture affect coaches and their teams. We strive to discover answers to some of the most perplexing challenges that coaches confront, so be sure to read it and leave comments!

Our newsletter is published every quarter. Each edition of Srive’s Newsletter keeps you up to date on research in the fields we care about as well as what’s happening at Strive. .  You will find answers to some hot topics and highlights from past programming with our partners.  You don’t want to miss it, so mark your calendars!

Our website also features a resource page where you may find news, articles that Strive believes are important, and links to our podcast and blog. Our blog will include the voice of Strive, where you can hear from our facilitators who live and breathe character-driven leadership daily. The blogs will be updated quarterly, so keep an eye out!

Did you know that we frequently go live on social media? Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that you never miss a chance to see us in action!  

Strive is a firm believer in the influence of character-driven leadership and the importance of communication. We maintain our communication channels open so that you may communicate with us as we communicate with you.

Strive On!

Whitney Raffo

Director of Instructional Design and Curriculum 


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