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Resources for Character-Driven Coaches

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A Network Created By Coaches, For Coaches.

The Strive Coaches' Network aims to provide leadership resources for coaches looking to develop character-driven leadership skills within their teams and communities. 

We recognize that sometimes you need new ideas to shake things up! That is what we are here for!  

What To Expect

Our emails include four key elements:

  1. Leadership Topic or Strategy -- Introduction and explanation
  2. The Playbook -- An activity designed to reinforce the leadership topic, meant for you to implement with your team that month.
  3. Resources -- We always include a link to our monthly resource list at the bottom of each Coaches' Network email. Each month, based on feedback from Coaches Network members, aka "Strivers," we share YOUR favorite leadership books, articles, videos and podcasts.  
  4. Questions -- Feel free to send us your questions or comments at -- after all, the Coaches' Network is for YOU!
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Strive always has important take aways that I can immediately implement with my team. I love the creative team activities they encourage us to try!
— Allyson Fuller
Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Villanova University

Current and Relevant Resources for Coaches

Our Monthly lists, shown below, include resources that all revolve around the concept of character-driven leadership. 



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