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| May 2019 |

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Klay Thompson explains how high school coach molded his game

“He was just there from the jump,” Klay Thompson said of his Former High School Coach, Jerry DeBusk. “I learned a lot of things back then that I take all the way with me now. That was a great foundation to be laying for great success to come.”


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Going Through The Yipps

By: Harris Fanaroff

"I had finally made it. I achieve my ~7 year goal of playing Division 1 baseball and now was my time to show I belonged. I had a successful fall season with the team, and now I was ready to showcase my ability in our Spring season when it counted. It was our fourth game of the year in Florida when I would first be called on to pitch in a real college baseball game.

Ball, ball, ball, wild pitch, ball, ball was how my career began. "



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