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We are on a mission to spread the power of character-driven leadership.



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What We Do

We work with students, coaches, organizations, and communities- building intentional cultures and developing leaders at every level of a program. We do this work through a variety of different programs including: leadership workshops, leadership summits, partner-based community programming, and our legendary annual summer leadership academy, Sports Challenge. Through these programs, we carry out our mission by spreading the power of character-driven leadership. 

Our Story

Following in the footsteps of our three co-founders, we encourage young leaders to find the best in themselves so they can inspire the best in those around them.  With a focus on reaching children and youth from underserved communities, Strive designs and delivers dynamic, interactive leadership programs across the country. 


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Meet Your Future Co-Workers

Hand-picked with great intentionality, the Strive Team is made up of incredibly passionate and forward-thinking leaders who boast extensive experience in their respective industries. 

Driven by their dedication, each member of our team strives to further the organization's mission and live out Strive's core values.

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Life At Strive

Our Strive culture acts as the lifeblood of our organization and has been instrumental in our years of growth and success. Our team is known for our positive, upbeat, and collaborative culture. We have seven core values that derive our Strive culture. We encourage our employees to live out these values including: "choose laughter", "brush it off and grow", "fill tanks", and "inspire the best in yourself, so you can inspire the best in those around you", to name a few.  

Made up of a diverse and passionate group of students, educators, and supporters from all across the country, each member of our Strive family takes great pride in the work we do and the people we serve. Once you join the Strive family, you're a Striver for life!

We work diligently to both maintain and continue to improve the intentional culture that Strive is famous for. 

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Strive Headquarters

At Strive, we call Wilmington, Delaware our home! We reside in The Teen Warehouse, a community and co-working space that was designed for teens by teens. Learn more about them at the link below.

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Strive is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace.
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