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Sports Challenge

Strive's foundational experience brings together high school athletes from around the country for a multi-day transformation.


At Sports Challenge, we apply the rigor of sports training to the practice of leadership. Our primary focus is on developing character-driven leadership skills for competition and life. Sports Challenge culture is deeply rooted in our practices, from the Brush It Off mistake ritual, daily Red Shirt Awards, Appreciations, and hilarious Pompines, athletes are fully immersed in the Strive way.

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Our Culture

From the moment athletes arrive at Sports Challenge, they become immersed in the invigorating, inclusive and motivating culture of Strive. The program is demanding and supportive — inspiring athletes to improve their game individually and collectively. They are encouraged to take risks in a safe environment; to embrace failure and “brush it off.” This mindset cultivates growth in both athletic performance and leadership development.

Our Coaches

At Sports Challenge our coaches change lives. We are athletic professionals and college-level athletes who are so dedicated to the program that we take personal vacation time to build the Strive community and nurture young leaders. We serve as mentors in all aspects of the student-athlete experience — eating in the dining hall, hanging out during breaks, building individual relationships, and delivering high-impact sport-specific training.


Sports Challenge 2023 is coming!

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