The Strive Story

Strive: How You Lead Matters, founded in 1996 as Sports Challenge Leadership Academy, is an educational non-profit dedicated to spreading the power of character-driven leadership.  Strive’s co-founders, three lifelong teachers and coaches, noticed an emerging trend that many high school and college students and athletes lacked core leadership skills. They decided to take action and create Sports Challenge; a summer leadership academy for high school student-athletes to teach and develop these essential leadership and life skills.  More than twenty years later, their vision and mission continues every summer through Sports Challenge and has grown into year-round leadership programming initiatives which Strive facilitates all across the country.

Following in the footsteps of our three co-founders, we encourage young leaders to find the best in themselves so they can inspire the best in those around them.  With a focus on reaching children and youth from underserved communities, Strive designs and delivers dynamic, interactive leadership programs across the country. Strive believes, and research proves, that SECD (Social, Emotional, and Character Development) skills are critical to life-long success.  It is Strive’s mission to build these skills in the next generation of leaders.

Since 1996, Strive has worked with over 40,000 coaches, students, and athletes.  Strive’s research-based curriculum focuses on the development of five character and three leadership competencies that are the underpinning of character-based leadership: self-awareness, motivation, courage, grit, ethics, communication, collaboration, and culture creation.

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