A Curriculum for Character-Driven Leadership

Like never before, effective leaders must be character leaders, with the ability to respect, understand and connect with people who are very different from themselves. In fact, leaders who don’t develop these skills are bound to fail.

What Is Character-Driven Leadership?

Character-driven leadership is driven by a leader’s character traits, not his or her personality. Motivation, courage, responsibility and ethics are often considered the core traits of a character-driven leader.

We believe these skills are important too: grit, self-awareness, empathy, teamwork, self-efficacy and gratitude. They’re part of knowing yourself and connecting with others, of being fair and honest, of sticking with it and growing from failure.

Leaders who exemplify these traits are modeling them for organizations, communities, teammates. A character-driven leader might be a coach or an athlete, a principal or a sixth-grader. Whoever they are, these leaders are setting the stage for other people to be character-driven leaders too.

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